Monday, September 15, 2008

Gustav Update #2

Thankfully, Gustav spared most homes in Pass Christian, MS. There were a few areas of the town that had some flooding damage, but because of Katrina, those homes that have been rebuilt were elevated. Now, I understand why!

Reports from Waveland, Pearlington, and parts of Bay St. Louis were less positive but not devastating. Many of the families Restoration Point has helped rebuild after Katrina reported that water surrounded their house, but because the homes were elevated, the insides were not damaged.

There is emotionally aftermath that the area is dealing with. Just after one evacuation in three years, there is a fatigue about the evacuation process. With Ike initially looking like it was headed this way, many said they could not deal with another evacuation. Some comments were along the lines of "I can't leave my house again. I just don't have the energy." This is a real, physical effect from the emotional impact of Katrina.

We will continue to monitor the need of Gustav, but our attention is focused on Ike.

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