Monday, September 1, 2008

Gustav - Update #1

It is about 6:30 am on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. The wind has picked up and a series of rain bands are beginning to come into the region. Mobile and Pensacola is under tremendous threat of tornado activity. They have been under tornado warnings for about the last hour. Storm surge is beginning to come ashore in Gulfport area down to Bay St. Louis and Hancock County. The water has come across parts of Hwy 90 in Harrison County and across Beach Dr. in Hancock County. The radar shows a series of heavy rain and wind moving into the area. We are still expecting only Tropical Storm force winds. The eye appears to be making landfall near Grand Isle, LA 85miles south, south-west of New Orleans. The power has flickered off and on several times now. It has been most fortunate that power has stayed on this long! Now that it is daylight...I will capture some pictures and post.

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