Monday, July 7, 2008

The Work Continues

Happy Monday,

Over the past few weeks we have been working with excellent groups of volunteers to finish three main projects:

  • Malcolm's Home: We are currently near completion of the home with some final inspections and buttoning up required before we can hand let the homeowner move-in.
  • Jordan's Addition: Once we are able to finish the carpet and trap for the sink the new bedroom will be ready for Mr. Jordan and Miss Patsy. They appear to be exited to have a little more room in their house for their big family.
  • Netto's home: With a few finishing touches we can help to make the home for Miss Netto and her family more comfortable in the coming weeks.
Special thanks to the SOS team (Alabama), Sugarloaf United Methodist Church (Atlanta) , the Boyle family (Indiana) and the Northridge Football team (Indiana) for their great efforts in moving these projects along. I hope that each of these groups had safe trips home. Soon I will post pictures from these projects.

Joe Fields-Johnson
Restoration Point Summer Intern

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