Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Transformation of Houses and Hearts

Our fifteen member mission team from Laurel, Maryland truly experienced God's grace in Pass Christian, Mississippi. During our five days working with Restoration Point, we were able to help in the building process of many devastated homes. We did some drywall, we sanded, and we painted. We repaired broken windows and damaged roofs. It was so rewarding to see the progress in our work projects by the end of the week. Families were just one step closer to moving back into their homes. We were able to see tangible results.

Not only did we witness transformation in the houses but also in our hearts. Getting to know families in the community and listening to their stories was what we cherished the most on our trip. Survivor after survivor shared their stories of God's blessing and provision. We witnessed ways that the community of Pass Christian was struggling to rebuild together. Their hope and perseverance in the midst of devastation strengthened our faith even more.

The families welcomed us into their lives for the short time we were there. One family brought us snow cones for a work break. Moreover on our last day, several families prepared us a feast of shrimp and jambalaya to thank us for our hard work. That is the kind of hospitality that changes lives for good. It was such a great experience, we're coming back!


Laurel, MD

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