Monday, December 18, 2006

People still on my heart

There is much on my heart still from our trip to the Coast to build the two foundations, for Stacey and her kids and Florence. One day, Jim took Sean and I off the work site and sent us to visit some families on his list. I was profoundly moved by several things I heard and saw.

The first was the desperate condition of one woman. She was actually in the hospital and our visit took place in her hospital room and then we went to her home to see where it was. I was deeply concerned for her that if we rebuilt her home on her lot, we would be putting her in a very dangerous neighborhood. Her son who lived next door, had razor wire all around his compound. I saw the need, not just of a home but a safe place for her, a place for a future. I was struck by the courage and Preservice of the folk we interacted with. One lady had lost her home in a previous hurricane and now was facing another lost. Yet her demeanor was peaceful and she looked forward to rebuilding and having a home again. She was living in her third (!) trailer since the storm. The other two were not handicapped assessable enough for her to use the bathrooms. Stacy was another testimony to courage and Preservice. She lost everything, has a child with health issues, yet has not given up but his working for her and her kids future. It was awesome. I was struck by the great loss, thriving towns who once had downtowns, with now only about half the residents they had before. Yet there is courage and strength. I was very impressed with everyone who pulled up stakes and moved into the storm area right away and began making adifference for people. Go guys.

- Bruce (Atlanta, GA)

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